On Monday the 12th of September, 80 TY Students along with 4 teachers headed for Delphi adventure centre at 9:00am.

Delphi is set on 300 acres of woodland, the spa hotel and resort is 11.8 km from the village of Leenane and 15 km from the Tawnymackan Bog. It is set in the breath-taking Delphi Valley, on the Wild Atlantic Way, Green Way and the Blue Way.

It took us four long hours to get there. We stopped on the way for lunch,so it broke up the journey. We got there at 1:00pm. The sun was splitting the rocks when we got there, that was nice because when we left the school it was lashing. We had to take all our luggage of the buses and leave them at the front door on the centre. We then headed up to the adventure centre. We were put into groups. I was put into group 1 with 12 other TYs. After we found out who was in our groups we were giving our bedrooms, I was in room 25 with Niamh and Mona McSharry, Enya Gallgher, Shona McGowan, Dearbhla Fox, Caolinfhin McGee and Karen Timoney.

At 2:00pm group 1 were going surfing, we had to go and get our wet gear and come back up to the centre to get wet suits. We headed of in a mini bus to the beach it took up 15-20 minutes as the roads were flooded.When were about 2 minutes away from the beach the buses could go no further as the road was flooded over too much. We had to get out and put on our wet suits on at the side of the road and walk though the flooded road. The water was knee-deep. When we eventually got to the beach we got our surf boards. Our leader Paddy showed us what to do when we caught a wave. When Paddy was happy that we were ready we went into the sea. We were in the water for over an hour. The waves  were very  strong so it was very  hard to catch any waves by the time we were done I had only caught two waves.

We were we back at te centre at 5:30pm. It was now time for dinner we all headed down to the grub hub. Dinner that evening was burgers and wedges. We had until 7 before we had our next activity. I went up to my room and relaxed for an hour before heading of on a two-hour walk up the mountain. It was a really nice walk as we got to see a waterfall and the sunset on the mountains. I also got to talk to different people while walking. We got back to the centre at 9. We then got a jam donut for supper. After supper we got ready for bed and chilled out until 11 when we had to have our lights out.


Wake up call was at 8. We then got up and got dressed and went down for breakfast at 8:15. Breakfast consisted of cereals, porridge, toast, eggs  and fruit. When we were finished with breakfast we headed up to the activity centre to find out what we where doing. First thing that morning group one was doing high ropes. At 9:30 on of the Delphi leaders took us into the hall and showed us how to fit our belts and gave us helmets.  We then headed up to the high ropes which was in the forest. The high ropes were only ok as we did not get to do as many as the  group the day before, so my expectations were let down. There was also a lot of midgets which kind of ruined my enjoyment of the high ropes, as we then had to were midget nets to stop us getting bitten.

At 1 it was lunch time we headed down to the grub hub. For lunch was chicken soup and a ham roll. At 2 it was time for our next activity. Group 1 were going kayaking. We got our wet gear and wet suit on. We hoped on a mini bus and drove down to the pier . It only took us about two minutes. Down there,we were giving a canoe, helmet, life jacket and a row. The leaders showed us how to use the row properly before we headed into the water. We were in Loch na Fooey, this is the only lake in Ireland that was formed by a glacier, it is also situated between the highest mountain in Connacht which is Mweelrea. We rowed around the lake for a while before we played games such as scorpion and we also had to build a raft with our canoes and we all had to try to stand up and play simoon said and if we got it wrong we had to job  in. When we were finished kayaking, we all jumped of the pier and we had to try to catch the basketball when we jumped in. Kayaking was by far the best activity I did in Delphi it was really good fun and I really enjoyed it.

Dinnear was at 5:30pm, it was chicken curry. We got to chill out until 7. At 7 we got back into our groups we were doing energizing games. We walked up into the forest and played team games. We then came back to the classroom and played splat and do not let the ball out. By the time 9 came we were all really tired. we got cookies as our supper. the teachers talked to us about tidying our rooms. we then all headed up and tided our rooms. and 10:15 the teachers came around and inspected them. By 11 we had to have our lights out.


We all had to back up our stuff and take  it up to the adventure centre. We then went and got breakfast. Group ones final activity in Delhi was archery and climbing. Climbing was kind of like the high ropes as we had to we wear helmets and safety belts, but I really enjoyed it. The archery was good to as we were in groups and we had try to get the most points by scoring at the boards.

At 1 we had our lunch it was vegetable soup and a ham and cheese roll. We got on the bus at 1:30pm and headed home. We arrived home at 4:20pm, when we received our Junior Cert Results.

Delphi was an experience that I will never forget. I got to talk and bond with people in my year that I don’t normally talk too.


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