Carnival 2016


The carnival workshop lasted over two-days, Thursday the 6th of October till Friday the 7th of October. We worked with Patrick Mc Eneaney  over the two days in  the Mercy hall to but the finale together

Thursday – 6th of October

83 TYs headed up to the Mercy hall on Thursday the 6th at 9am. We were greeted by Maura Logue. She told us about the carnival and that it was a 1916 theme. Maura played some games with us to get us warmed up. At 10:30am Patrick came he also talked to us about he carnival. When we came back from break we learned a song called “Hey Hoe”. It was a really weird song, it only consisted of 3 lines, but it was funny when we all tried to sing it together,                                                                                                                                                           Hey Hoe, no body home,                                                                                                                           No drink, no food no money of my own                                                                                                  Yet I will be Merrrrrry!

After lunch we were but into groups we were either British soldiers, Irish soldiers or  the Irish that stayed at home. I was an Irish soldier that was going to fight in Dublin in the rising. I was an Irish soldier along with Mona, Niamh, Shauna and Enya. For the rest of the afternoon we spent practicing marching and getting into the right positions.

Friday – 7th of October

By friday morning over half of the TYs had dropped out so we were left with just over 30 TYS. We headed back up to the Mercy hall at 9:30am. Patrick was there waiting on us we played some games with us to get us warmed up. Then a lady came and took us to practice Hey hoe. We were split up into three groups, group 1 had to start of singing Hey Hoe, when they were finished the first verse, group 2  joined in signing and then when we were finished singing the 2nd verse finally group 3 joined in singing.

Once we came back from Break Patrick took the Irish people  and we learnt “A Nation Once Again ”  the women took the british soldiers and the learnt a british song.                                                                                                                                                                                                            A Nation once again,
A Nation once again,
And Ireland, long a province, be
A Nation once again!

We then tried it all together, we came in singing Hey Hoe first group 1 came in ( I was in group 1), then group 2 and 3. We then went into place on the left was the British then in the middle were the Irish how where staying and then on the right the irish soldiers. We had to pretend that were listing two leaders in 1916 one was British and one was Irish their speech was about 5 minutes long. in the middle of their speech he had to sing the irish song and the british had to sing their song. Then the cheered us of the war and we marched the bottom of the hall. The none Irish soldiers stood on the middle watching us march away. We practiced this over and over until lunch.

At 1:45pm we came back Patrick wanted the soldiers to act out scenes of war and the known soldiers to act out scenes of everyday life in 1916  like praying, cleaning… I had to stand still and Niamh, Enya, Mona and Shauna had to pretend to shoot me. We practiced it over and over until Patrick was happy with it.

The Carnival

We had to be in the Marion hall for 5pm on Saturday the 8th. We had to wear our school shirt along with black trousers and black shoes. When we were all in the hall Patrick  had actors along with him to help us. they gave us blazers to back us look like we were in 1916 and we also got are face painted. They soldiers had to get their faces painted with patches of brown and the stay at home people had to get theirs done with big pink cheeks and purple eyes. We then went over the finally from start to finish a few times. at 6:30 we walked up to the abbey centre. We then got into place at 7:15pm. We were in front of the Donegal community band. When we were walking down the street at 7:30pm we had to sing “Hey  Hoe”. We walked down to the roundabout then we walked back up to the market yard. we got into place and did the finale. We got finished up at 8:30pm.

It went great it was so much fun and I really enjoyed myself, on Friday evening I didn’t want to do it but I am so glad I did because it was so much fun and I will never forget it. I also go to get it signed of for 3 hours of community care.


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Image result for ballyshannon carnival 2016


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