Healthy Eating day

Friday October 14th I was involved in a making fruit/veg salads for break. It was part of mental health week. The pervious few days I made posters to advertise it around the school. On Friday morning along with 18 3rd yearswe cut up fruit and veg. After all the fruit and veg was cut we but them into big bowls. We worked together to put them into plastic containers some where full of veg and some were full of fruit. By 10:30am we had were finished. We had made 80 fruit salads and 40 veg salads. We then went and arranged the containers on a table in the assembly area. When the bell went at 10:50am the salads started to go for 50c. By the end of break all the fruit salads were gone and there was only 6 veg salads left. We made €63 but that just broke even as the fruit and veg cost €60 to buy in.

It was an experience that was worth taking part in.


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