Enterprise day

cviwxf1wgaaimmwcvh1uyoxgaiva65cvh7mecwiaium76cvhzytdweaecfvkcvjl0cpwyaaqzwocvivfwkwcaalmoeOn Wednesday 19th October 2016 20 Tys students along with Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs.Conlon headed at 9 am to Letterkenny IT. When we arrived we went into the sports hall of the IT. We were split up into 2 groups of 10. I was with Aine, Grace, Sarah, Diarmuid Ryan, Diarmuid  Mc Fadden, Fiona, Sorcha ,Ben and Emmet. We were Colaiste  Chomcille  group B. Our IT student was Cian he studied sports and  our mentor was Aisling she has her own hair  salon for the past 3 years and she does make up. We also had Mrs. Gallagher in our group. From 10:30 till a 11 our MC was Lee Gouch and he played ice breaker games with us.

At 11 our guest speaker was Jenny Timoney. She told us about her life as self-employed and the journey she has taken.  Jenny did her leaving cert in Australia and she wanted to go to college in Ireland as she was born in Ireland and then she moved to Australia when she was a child. When she came back none of the collages would except her as she did not do her leaving in Ireland.So she seen a gap in the market for premade sandwiches that her healthy and fresh.She started in Donegal and the sandwiches were a success everyone was talking about them. Jenny was able to employ people to help her. Jenny decided to go to Dublin to sell the sandwiches there she spent a week going up to Dublin at 5 and ten returning home at 9pm. jenny had not  sold a single sand which in the week she was there. But jenny did not want to give up she was  determined not to give up she went back up on the following Monday morning and one shop she went bought a box of sandwiches. An hour later she got a call from the same shop looking to stock her sandwiches in 12 other shops in Dublin one of the shops were in Grafton street. Jenny said she was delighted and that for that whole she spent standing out side the shop on Grafton street watching the people come out eating her sandwiches. She said it was an honour to be able to watch people eating her sandwiches. She was standing there that long the Guards had to come and tell her to move. When the recession hit the business went down hill. After the  recession Jenny designed her own website. On her website she helps people how want to have their wedding in Portugal but is finding it hard because of the language. http://www.uniqueweddingsinportugal.com/   Jenny said she loves her job now and she will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

We then had a talk by Gerard Grant.  Gerard is Vice President  in Information Technology at Pramerica Systems Ireland. He has been working in Pramerica since 2000.  Gerard talked about how he got this far in his career and what he did to get vice president. he told us that if we want to do a certain job/ course not to let anybody stop you and never give up hope. he also told us to Dream Big!

From 11:30 till  12:30 we worked together to develop a product. We got a bag with stuff in it in which we had to develop a product from . We were also given a set of criteria on which they judges would judge us on. With the help of Mrs.Gallagher, Cian and Aisling we worked together to come up with a product. Our final product was a light reflected clip ons for the wheels of your bike, and a light reflected bottle that you could clip on to your waist when running. We decided that Diarmuid and Grace would pitch to the dragons, Aine would wear the cup and the belt for the bottle and I would hold the bike wheel.

After lunch we listened to our final quest speaker of the day, Ian Halkin. Ian Halkin  is the founder of Lottie dolls.

“Our vision is to empower children to be themselves. Lottie aims to encourage kids to embrace individuality, enjoy their childhood and embark on meaningful adventures!

Unlike other dolls, Lottie and Finn are based on characters that are nine years of age. Lottie and Finn are relatable, age-appropriate and fun dolls, many of the dolls and accessories from the collection were inspired by real girls.”

Ian talked to us about  pitching a business idea. He told us what to do in that situation and to use what he told us today, when we went to pitch to the dragons later on.

At 1:20pm we had 25 minutes to finish writing up our pitch. We decided that we were going to charge €20 for 4 light reflected clips and a belt with a bottle. Grace and Diarmuid kept practicing their pitch.

1:45pm we tidied up and we had to wait for our names to be called to go to the dragons. While we were waiting we could play team building games with staff from Gartan Outdoor Education Centre. Finally  when our name was called we went to the CoLab were we had 3 minutes to pitch our idea to the Dragons. I was very nerves and I was glad when it was over. We then had to wait till 3:30pm for the results. They 20 of us were waiting for our names to be called out but sadly we dint get anywhere. We listened to the other groups pitches and then we waited for the results. We were presented with certificates. It was officially over at 4:00pm.

I had a really good day. It was an experience to get to come up with a product and then having to pitch it to the dragons. Even though we didn’t get to the final three, it was really worth going too and I also enjoyed myself . I also go to see what it was like to be in the IT for a day.


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