2nd Year Maths Quiz


On Friday the 23rd of October I helped Mrs.Conlon along with 10 other TYs with the 2nd year maths quiz. During Friday morning I printed of the questions and stabled them together. At 25 past 2 all the ordinary 2nd year maths classes met in the assembly area and they were but into groups. Each group as assigned a TY, in my group was Lilly, Keith, Jake and Brid. We then had to walk down to the market yard. Mrs. Conlon told everyone what they were doing and handed out the questions. Every group had to start at the Market Yard, there was questions for each place they went too, in the Market Yard the had the count all the car space, then the went to the bus stop and answered the questions there. Everyone then went to the bridge, down The Port, up the steps and then back down to the Limit and back upt The Mall and back down to the Market yard. There was 17 questions in total the had to answer. My group came back first and we answered all the questions! It was great fun getting to walk around the town helping them find the answers to the question and I really enjoyed it.



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