To Kill A Mocking Bird.

To Kill A Mocking Bird is a novel by Harper Lee, it was published in 1960.

The story is based on a white family called the Finchs. Jean Louise Finch (Scout) tells the story from her point of view she is 6 years old, her father Atticus is a lawyer, her brother Jem is around 10 years old and their friend Dill who the only see in the Summer. Their mother passed away when they were younger, Jean Louise doesn’t remember her but Jem does. They also have a housekeeper/cook called Calpurnia .She is black but the Finchs treat her as if she is white and Jean Louise and Jem treats all other black people the same as her, they don’t understand why whites treat blacks differently. Calpurnia has basically raised Jem and Jean Louse as her own children and she is a mother figure to them.

The story goes through the life of the Finchs for over 3 years.There is someone who really gets on Jean Lousies, Jem and Dills minds because he never leaves his house and Scout has never seen him in her life and his name is Boo Radley.

The main part in the story is when Tom Robinson is put on trial. Atticus is representing Tom in court but it does not go down well as Tom is black and he was accused of rape. Mayella Ewell is the girl who Tom is supposed to have raped but Acttius tells the judge that her father Bob Ewell raped her because there is more evidence that Bob Ewell did than Tom did. After the trial Bob is trying to get back at Atticus for the things that went down in the court room and it doesn’t end very well…

It was a really good read and I would highly recommend it, as Haper Lee makes it feel like your Scout in the novel, you see everything from her point of view.



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