Enterprise – Term 1

I have Ms.Y.Gallagher for Enterprise, I have a double enterprise once a week on a monday. During the last two months in enterprise we have several different things. One week Ms.Gallagher should us a slide show on apps and everything that is done in order to make them and how much some companies make from there apps.

Another week we joined up with Ms.Conlons TY Enterprise class, Darragh came in from AIB to talk to us about Build a Bank. This is were 6 TY students are selected to work together to set up a bank in their school, they have to design a name and logo, they have to choose whether there going, digital, backing up their community or backing up their school. They then have get their bank across to all the students in the school to get them to save with them in their bank . There is then a regional competition which the 6 students go too. If you win the regional you get to go to the final which you can win up to €250 for each student and €5000 for your school. After Darragh left that day anyone who was interested in being part of the build a bank had to fill out an application form, 20 TYs along with myself filled in an application form, 2 weeks later Darragh held interviews for the 20 TY students that were interested, I was the second person to be interviewed. Then on that same day Darragh called they 20 TY students out of class to tell us who is part of the Build A Bank 2016 in Colaiste Cholmcille                                                                                                                                       Kellie Vaughen -Manager,                                                                                                                   Andrea McGlynn – Deputy Manager                                                                                                         Katie Slevin -Marketing Manager                                                                                                             Rionach Sheerin- other (still has to be decided)                                                                                 Patrick O’Connor – other                                                                                                                           and I got financial controller.                                                                                                                  When we get back from midterm Darragh is coming up to us to have a meeting about the build a bank, but in the mean time Ms.Conlon has emailed us out the manual and we have to read over it.

Ms.Y.Gallagher and Ms.Conlon has decided that all the TY enterprise classes are going to hold a Christmas Market in the Mercy Hall on the 7th of December. So over the courses of the last 6 weeks we have been planing for it. The majority of TYs have to put together a stall and the have to make stuff to sell at it, some groups are doing a food stall, making stockings, others are making christmas logs, baubles, hot chocolate mugs….  Myself and Andrea are going to make christmas baubles like these one:

Image result for christmas baubles personalisedImage result for christmas baubles personalised

We have order some of the material need already but we are finding it hard to find the right baubles as I have order some but I had to send them back as the were too small. Mrs.Y.Gallagher also asked me to get people for the different jobs I had to email out a list of jobs that need to be down for the christmas market and they had to email me back with the jobs they want. I also had to write out a note for tutor class, telling the other students about the christmas market and seeing if they want to sell things in it.

I also along with 19 other TYs got to got to Letterkenny for an Enterprise day. ( I have a blog post on this)



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