Theatre -Term 1

I have Mr.Beatie for Theatre, we have theatre twice a week one single and one double.At the the start of the year we played games in theatre class so we would not be as afraid to stand up in front of the class when it was time to so our player. After a week or two we start to plan out our play but we have left our idea for the time being and we are doing a different play it is speed dating. There is 6 boys in the play and 6 girls, the main characters are called Guy and Girl and they have broken up with each other, so they are trying to find someone new to go back out and they both go on several different dates and the all end up badly and in the end the Girl and Guy end up back together. We have being practicing the play for the last 2 weeks and I am one of the girls, I just have to do laugh, I don’t say anything i just laugh. There is a competition that we are going to go to in November , when we get back from midterm and we are using this play for that.



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