Donegal Student Council -AGM


Before midterm I got nominated to represent the school in the Donegal Student Council.

The first meeting was the AGM in the Clarnee Hotel in Letterkenny on  Wednesday the 9th of November. I was allowed to bring 3 other students with me for the day. Aine, Savanna, and Shauna came up with me. The bus picked us up from the school at 9:30. We picked up the AVS students at 9:40. We got to Letterkenny at 10:45.

The 8 of us walked into the hotel and headed for the ballroom were we were going to be for the day. All the other schools had already arrived and had gotten their seats. We were given 4 sticky notes each and had to write down 4 things we think the student council should work on for the next 2 years. Then we got our seats and Barry O’Neill talked to us about politics and America and that this is our chance to have a say as students. Just  after he was finished Eamon McGee talked to us about his life and what it was like to be on the Donegal team and to win and all Ireland medal.He told us that if we keep an opened mind and go in with determination to anything you want to do in life. As the student council he wanted us to improve Donegal as it is where his baby daughter will grow up and he wants it to be a good place for her that she can call home.

At 11:45 we all had to get up out of our seats and we played ice breaker games. We then had to pick a topic to talk about we picked Body Image. Our mentor was Victoria , in our group was Savanna, Shauna, Aine Siobhan, and myself. We had to answer question on body image,how it affects teenagers now a days,  we had to come up with ideas that we think the Student Council should work on for the next 2 years and we had to write all our answers on a big piece of paper we had until half 12 to finish it.

Then at 12:30 we got lunch there was chips, chicken nuggets, and burgers. During lunch there was a band playing for us they were called Phat KiiDZ. They were very entertaining and I really enjoyed them. After lunch at around 1:30, we had to vote for our top four favourite topics (that all the other groups were working on) that we think the student council should work on.While everyone was voting we had to do a survey on school. Once everyone had voted we played some more ice breaker games, while the votes were being counted up. At 2:15 the votes had been counted the top for topics had been picked,

  1. Sexuality
  2. Body Image
  3. Up keep of bathrooms in our local area
  4. more girls sports in schools and towns.

Carlyn then called on all the members of the new student council to come up on stage and say their name and what school there from, I was kind of nervous. We then got our pictured taken. Carlyn thanked us for coming and at 2:45 we were on the bus home.

I really enjoyed myself today at the Donegal student council and I will look forward to th next up coming meetings.


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