TY Cycle 2016

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On Sunday the 13th of November we had a fundraising event for TYs. We had to cycle 20km. We were given a sponsorship card a few days prior .

We met at the school at 12 on the 13th. We all signed in there was about 30 students , 7 teachers and 3 parents and we were told what way we were going. At 12:40 we left the school, we headed for the bypass on your way to Bundoran. We were not allowed to pass out Add to dictionary or Slv. I cycled with Mona and Niamh. When we got o Bundoran we had to go around the roundabout and headed for Sligo, we lost Niamh when we got to this point. I tried to keep up with Mona for as long as possible but I eventually couldn’t keep up with her. Niamh caught up with me and I cycled with her for the rest of the cycle. We made it to Tuallaghan at 1:30. Stephen came with the van which had bottles of water, bananas, cereal bars and chocolate bars in it , everyone got something out of it.

We set of at 1:45 back to the school it was very tiring work. We had to stop at the roundabout going over the bridge, so everyone could catch up. We then were of again the closed of the town so we could get back, to top it all of they made us cycle up the town, I was about to give up half way up the hill, but I didn’t and I made it up. Everyone then cycle down the town and across collage street.

We got cake and tea when we went back to the school. It was a really enjoyable day, it was a day out my year and I’m glad I took part. I can know say that I took part in a 20 km cycle!

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