Step Challenge

Everyone in the school has to keep track of their steps using an app on their phone for they next four weeks, it is working with the healthy schools committee. Since Monday the 16th of January till Monday 30th of January I have taking a total of 113,948, my average amount of steps is 7,122. … More Step Challenge

Letterkenny IT

LYIT had their open day on Friday the 13th of January, 50 TYs were all to go. I was one of them, I went with Niamh, Mona, Shauna and Enya.We left the New Hall at 9, Ms.Y.Gallgher and Ms Christie went with us. We arrived at the IT at 10 o’clock.First thing we dd was … More Letterkenny IT

MOG Car Course

On Thursday the 19th of January all the TY students had a car courses down at the New Hall. We were split up into groups, my class was on first with half of TY 1 and TY 2. the courses was over another long. We were in a trailer with half of a car. The … More MOG Car Course

Ice Skating

On Thursday the 15th of December we went ice skating in Dundrum. We left the school at   9 o’clock. There was about  60 -70 TYs , Mr.C.Doherty, Mr.M.Doherty and Ms.McKinley also went Ice Skating. At 10:30 we stopped in Cavan for food and a toilet break. We got back onto the bus at 11 o’clock, … More Ice Skating

Christmas Ad

We had to make a Christmas advertisement for Personal Development. We had a week to do it, we could either film it or do a poster. I did a poster for Quality streets.