Ice Skating


On Thursday the 15th of December we went ice skating in Dundrum. We left the school at   9 o’clock. There was about  60 -70 TYs , Mr.C.Doherty, Mr.M.Doherty and Ms.McKinley also went Ice Skating.

At 10:30 we stopped in Cavan for food and a toilet break. We got back onto the bus at 11 o’clock, we arrived in Dundrum before 1. We had just under an hour to go around the shops before ice skating. We met down in the ice skating ring at 10 to 2, we had 10 minutes to get  they ice skates on. We were on the ice ring for 40 minutes, we were also on it with 60 AVS students. At the start I wasn’t very good , I was very wobbly but by the end I was flying and I really enjoyed it. I feel 2 times but i got back up and i was fine. I wish we got longer on the ice cause I was expecting at least an hour and we only got 40 minutes. Ice Skating was a really enjoyable and it was worth the trip up to Dublin.

When we all gave the ice skates back and got back on our on shoes, we were told that we had to meet back up outside Dundrum Town Centre. We had over 2 hours to get food and for shopping. I went with Mona, Niamh, Shona, Enya and Caolfhinn to Eddie Rockets, I had a wrap it as very nice. We then headed for the   hops, we went to Hollister, superdry, pennys, Schuh, J.D sports and plenty more shops. We were all very thirsty so we went and got something to drink, I  had a smoothie I really enjoyed it. We then went around so more shops before heading back to the bus for 5. We had to wait on 6 people for 15 minutes before getting on to the bus.

We stopped in Cavan again for 30 minutes and we arrived home at 9:30. I had a really good day and it was worth the 4 hour journey to Dublin!





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