MOG Car Course

On Thursday the 19th of January all the TY students had a car courses down at the New Hall. We were split up into groups, my class was on first with half of TY 1 and TY 2. the courses was over another long. We were in a trailer with half of a car. The courses was given to us by Micheal O’Gorman. Micheal started talking to us about life, and about everything we have in it family, friends… Everyone was so confused because he was talking about family, friends and life  for about  30 minutes and we didn’t understand what this got to do with cars.But then he said that our lives can be taken any second, by drinking and driving, not wearing a seat belt, letting people drive carelessly and our families and friends can be taken away  from our careless actions. He told us several stories about people drinking and driving, not wearing seat belts and by just careless driving and none of them ended very well. He told us the statics of last year on Irish roads,I found it very fascinating. They last thing he told us was that when we are driving to think before we get into the car, if we have been drinking or if we are going to be driving recklessly cause it is not just you our own life that we are risking it is also the lives of the other people in the car that is in your hands.

Overall I found the courses very interesting and I really enjoyed it. Micheal made it very interesting and funny.


Image result for mog car safety


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