Mullingar – Check Please

On Tuesday the 24th of January TY 1 and TY 3 left the New Hall at 9:30 after a few deals  and we headed for Mullingar. We were going to the theatre to perform our play it was the same play we did back in November Check Please with a few changes of characters. It was a three-hour bus journey, which I really didn’t enjoy as it was very long and boring. We stopped at 11 for our lunch.We were back on the road at 11:30 and we reached the theatre at 12:30.

We had only a half an hour to get ready. I did my make up first and then I got my outfit on. We were on the stage at 1, I was on the stage in scene 3. I was happy with how I laughed as I hadn’t practiced it in a while, but I was very nervous. Our play was over before we knew it. We then had to headed into the green room, and we had to listen to what the adjudicator thought of our play. I personally thought that he didn’t really like it. TY1s play was on next their play was called “How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? We got to watch it, it was very funny and I really enjoyed watching it. After their play was finished we had only 15 minutes to get changed and back on the bus.

We were back on the bus at 2:30. We stopped for more food at 3, I was not hungry so I just got a hot chocolate. We got back on the bus for the last time and we arrived back at the school at 6:00.

Over all I had a really good experience even if we don’t get through to the next round. I am glad I took part in it. We are waiting for the result which we should get in the next week or so. I have learned from this experience, that if you perform in-front of people no one looks at you differently when the play is finished and no one expects you to act differently when its over, which I like.


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