Rockfield N.S

Our first week of work experience started on Monday the 13th of February til Friday the 17th of February. My first week of work experience in Rockfield National school. Day 1 – Monday the 13th I got to the primary school at 9:10, I met the principal Mrs.Corrigan. I stayed in the senior room for … More Rockfield N.S

Art -Term 3

This term we had Art. Our teacher was Ms.Finegan  We had to make a cover for a book. I’m not good at drawing, i cant draw for my life, so I had to decided on something to do instead of drawing, so I came up with and idea that I could do a collage with a bunch of … More Art -Term 3

Agricultural Sciences

From January till midterm our science subject was Agricultural Sciences. Our teacher was Ms.O’Grady. For the first few weeks she talked to the leaving cert Ag science course. 25% of the courses is based on a project you do throughout the two years. You are better of  leaving near or one a farm to do AG science … More Agricultural Sciences

Christmas Raffle

We decided to have a Christmas raffle. I went to Pennys and I got 2 €10 Pennys vouchers. We only used one voucher and we kept the other voucher for after christmas. We decided to do the competition on Facebook, we upload a picture of the voucher on the Facebook page on the 16th of December … More Christmas Raffle

Hogwarts Update 

Since we came back from Christmas we have opened the bank every Thursday at Break. Just before Christmas Pa resigned from his position and left the bank, we recruited Áine Mc Sharry. Everything was going fine and then on Thursday the 20th of January Andrea quit the bank . Then on Thursday the 27th of … More Hogwarts Update 

Business Plan

Since we had decided on our name and theme. Our next step was the Business plan. We were given a username and password for the build a bank challenge website and we had to do the business plan here. We had to choose whether we were going to back up the school, back up the … More Business Plan

Bank Name/Theme

A week later we all sat down and we discussed what we exactly had to do. Darragh came and talked to us about the bank he gave us manuals and things we needed to do. We researched previous years  build a banks to get an idea of what we have to live up too. It took … More Bank Name/Theme