Hogwarts Update 

Since we came back from Christmas we have opened the bank every Thursday at Break. Just before Christmas Pa resigned from his position and left the bank, we recruited Áine Mc Sharry. Everything was going fine and then on Thursday the 20th of January Andrea quit the bank . Then on Thursday the 27th of Kelly quit the bank. So at this stage we were 2 bank members down and we had already recruited one person. On Friday the 28th of January Mr.Doherty  called us all out of class Aine, Kelly me and Andrea (Katie & Rionach had been away with French for the last few weeks). He tried to solve the problem about why everyone was dropping out and by the end of our discussion Kelly decided that she would stay on the bank team but Andrea didn’t want to do it any more so she quit.We then had the recruit some else we disgusted it with Darragh and Ms.Conlon and we decided to recruit Grace Dinsmore. So we know had our team back on track our next thing was our trip to The AIB LAB in Dublin on Tuesday the 31st of January.


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