Banks Official Open Day

Hogwarts Bank Open Day!!

As part of the build a bank challenge we have to have an open day for our bank, so on Friday the 10th of February I organised for the Bank to have its open day at 12:20 in the New Hall.

We started organising the open day a few weeks after we came back after Christmas. The first thing we decided on was who we were going to get to Open the Bank, I suggested Karl Lacey as he is my cousins cousin and I would be able to get in contact with him and that’s who we decided to get in contact with. I got his number and I texted him on Tuesday the 17th of January. After a few day we got a reply, he was happy to open the bank for us and what ever date suited us it was fine with him. We then had to pick a date, we decided on several dates and then we went to Ms.Fagan to see what date suited the school to have. We finally decided on the 10th of February, I texted back Karl and he was happy with that date.

So at this stage we had the date picked and we had someone to come and open the bank for us. We now had to decided on who we were going to have at it, we finally agreed that we would only have first years as our main target of opening bank accounts was first years and also there would be to many people in the hall if we had any more students as there was already over 100 first years. I went to Mr. McGlynn first years year head and i asked him would it be ok for us to take the first years out of class Period 6 on Friday the 10th if February, he was fine with letting the first years of of class and he said that he would email the teachers the had at that time .

We now had to have a prizes sorted for the competition that we have to ruin as part of the build a bank challenge, it’s for anybody who opens a bank account with us is automatically enter into the competition.Myself and Ms.Conlon decided that we could get a sponsored Donegal jersey for the bank and that we could get Karl Lacey to get the team to sign it. We then had to decided on where we were going to get a sponsored jersey or ask for a discount of one. We decided that we would try Culkins and went down on Monday the 30th and talked to the owner of Culkins and told what I was there for and what the build a bank challenge was about and that we had to fund-raise for the Special Needs unit… Gus told me to come back down on Friday, so on Friday the 3rd of February and Gus told me that he would sponsor us a jersey if we get more students to follow them on Instagram, so we decided that in order for them to win the jersey they have to set up an AIB account and the also have to follow @Ballyshannonshoeco on Instagram. We also had to put together the runner-up prizes, we decided to have a girls hamper and a boys hamper. We had some of the girls hamper started, Kelly  had got some of the things for it when we came back after Christmas, after a few complications and misunderstanding with the girls hamper was finally down. Then I got the boys hamper sorted Kelly went to Mullets barber in Bundoran and they sponsored us 3 cut and blow-dry  vouchers. We still had the €10 Pennys voucher from before christmas so we used it. I went down town and got 2 €7 bags of sweets for the boys. I then went to Novel idea and got a box and some clear wrap for it.

Ms.Conlon asked Katie and Ríonach to make Donegal coloured bunting  and the were in charge of decorating the hall on the day.

We now had nearly everything sorted, I just had to go around the first year class and tell them about the Open Day. I wrote a letter and I went around and read it out to them. Then there was the refreshments bit, we all decided that we should make something for the first years, so I made Rocky Road and Cupcakes, Áine made Donegal Cookies, Kelly made Donegal cake and Katie made Donegal Cupcakes.

Finally the day arrived! Sadly Kelly counted be there as she was on work experience in Finner Everyone brought in their baked goods. Katie and Ríonach started setting up the hall before 11. We had a few last-minute things to do. Mr.Conlon printed of pictures for us, he also made a PowerPoint for us. After break we all went down, we got a few other TYs to help us Niamh, Enya, Úna and Kathrerine. Mr.Doherty and Mr & Mrs Conlon also helped us. We were ready to go at 12:15. Darragh then came down from the bank, with plenty of forms for the first years. The first years all came down at 12:20. Then Karl arrived we also had Thomas Gallgher come to take pictures for the Donegal Democrat. I was the first person the speak, then Áine and then Ríoanch welcomed Karl up. Karl spoke to the first years for about 10-15 minutes, everyone enjoyed listening too him. Then we took pictures with Karl and then the first years were allowed to get their pictures taken and eat our baked goods . Everything went really well and it was all over at 1:00.

It went really well and I really enjoyed myself and I learned a lot from this experience that I won’t forget, even though I was about to give up and forget about the Open Day on Friday morning, I didn’t I stuck through it and I didn’t give up and it all came together in the end and I wouldn’t have changed it at all. It was an opportunity that I took into my own hands and I enjoyed nearly very Moment of it!!



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