PE.XPO – Dublin

6 am on Wednesday the 8th of March 30 TY students arrived at the New Hall, we were picked to go to the PE Xpo in Trintiy Comprehensive school to present our projects that we presented in January in the Mercy Hall,  we were mean’t to leave at 6 but one of the girls slept in and we didn’t get to leave till 6:20. It was a very long journey up to Dublin, we arrived in Ballymum at 9:30. We had 30 minutes to get to our board and to put it all up. I was beside a group of girls from Cork and Ben and Diarmuid from school.

At 10:15 we were given am activity to do, I was doing rowing with Enya, Shauna and Niamh. I really enjoyed this as we got to try out something different and we were showing how to row probably, the last 5 minutes we got to have a relay with 3 boys from another school, but sadly we lost by 13 seconds. We were mean’t to do another activity but a judge had came to our boards when we were doing the rowing so we had to stay at our boards till all the judges came around. 4 judges came in-total, the last judge came to me at 2:00, several primary schools came to see the exhibition throughout the day and I was busy answering questions for them. They awards ceremony was at 2:30, sadly no one won anything from Colaíste.

We were back on the road at 3:30, we stopped in Cavan for a bite to eat and we arrived back at the school at 7:00. It was a very long day as I had been up 14 hours, by the time I got home. I enjoyed learning about the energy bars as thats what my  project was about, also  doing the PE Xpo helped improve my confidence as I had to talk to several strangers as well as the judges about project.


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