First Aid Course

TY-First-Aid-Friday-March-10-2017-3TY-First-Aid-Friday-March-10-2017-5 (2)TY-First-Aid-Friday-March-10-2017-6TY-First-Aid-Friday-March-10-2017TY-First-Aid-Friday-March-10-2017-2

On Friday the 10th of March, all  TYs had a first aid course in the Mercy Hall. Everyone headed up to the Mercy Hall at 8:45 am, there was a team of paramedics there waiting for us. We were introduced to Mark and he talked us about what were going to do for the day and then we were put into groups.

In my first group our instructor was Bernard and he gave us a First Aid book, he went through the book with us. Then he thought was the recovery position. At 10 we changed groups. Our new instructors were Mark and Frankie, the thought us how to wrap up some ones arm if they got a cut and we were told about the different types of cuts. Then at 10:30 we changed groups again and our instructor this time was Niall, he went through the breathing system with us and we were also shown that you can’t actually sallow your tongue you can just can blockk your airway. Our next group wasn’t until after break and we had Liam and he thought us how to use a sling properly, there is different ways to use a sling depending on the type of injury on your arm or leg.

From 12 till home time we spent watching videos on CPR and learning how to do it properly and we were shown how to work a defibrillator. We also did CPR on a baby. Mark told us that we would all get a certificate in First Aid, CPR and one by American Red Cross we would get them in the next few weeks in school.

Over all I am glad that I got a chance to be able to take this course. it was an interesting experience and I learnt a lot from it even though I knew most of the things already as I do Life saving. I really enjoyed doing it and I hope never have to use it in really life, but at-least i now know what to do if it comes to it some day .







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