Regional Final – Build A Bank

On Tuesday the 14th of March we had the Regional Final for the Bank. All day Monday we spent doing our poster and getting our costumes ready. Ms. Conlon had 2 harry potter caps and Kelly had one cap. We all decided that Kelly, myself, Áine and Grace would wear the camps and Katie and Ríonach would wear a tie. We thought it would be best if we wore our school shirts and a black skirt. Once we had our poster done , Ms,Conlon helped us with what we were going to say. We would have 10 minutes with the main judge and 2 minutes with two other judges. I took a good hour to get what we were all going to say but by Monday even we were all set to go.

We left the school at 8 on Tuesday, we were the last on the bus as Grange and Bundoran had already been picked up. We arrived in Monaghan at 10, we were an hour early so we went to a garage for something to eat. We arrived at the Hotel at 10:20. We were all given name tags and we were shown to our stand we were stand 8. We weren’t allowed to set up until we were told so we went and got changed. I lost one of my shoes but I found it again it was on the bus!  At 11:15 we were told to set up, the girls setted up the stand, they putted the poster up, the lights up, the placed the potions, they owl and cube games and cupcakes on the table while I setted up the slide show on the lab-top. At 11:45 the judges started coming around. We had our 2 minute judges first, we were happy how this one went.  About 20 minutes later we had our main judge, this was Colm Copper. He was really nice and he was very impressed with our bank, these 10 minutes went really fast and we could have done with longer as we didn’t get to tell him everything but we were happy how it went. We then had about 45 minutes before lunch . We went around talking to other banks, some of them went to a lot of effort  and a lot of them were 17 and 18 year olds. For lunch we had chicken curry or lasagna and salad. It was very nice an I was stuffed after it. At 2:30 we were called in for our certificates and to find out who got through to the Final in Dublin. Sadly we didnt get through and we didnt get best new comer ether.We arrived back at the school at 6:45 pm.

It was a really good experience even though we didn’t get anywhere. I learned a lot from the bank that I will take with me in life and I have challenged myself in doing it for the last 5 months, that I am prod of. It was an opprrtunity that I wont forget.
img_3044 img_3070


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