John Paul II Youth Day

As part of the John Paul award, there is 3 parts to it and the third part is about a reflection you have to do and the Youth day is supposed to help us with it as it will give us guide were to start with it.

Our youth day was on Tuesday the 21st of march in Kilbarron house, their was 10 of us from Colaíste and about 16 from AVS. it started at 10, we all had to sign in and we all got name tags. We then were given a seat we were mixed up with AVs students. We first had to watch a 20 minute documentary about John Paul II to get a better understanding of him and to know more about him and his past. We then had to write down everything we learnt about him. We had a 15 minute break at 11:15.

After the break Father O’Farey talked about what baptism means to us as it is a section on the 3rd part of the award. Once he was finished talking about it we had to write down what it meant to us. We then had to talk about the second section it is about an evaluation and a reflection of your Parrish and social awareness work. in this section you have to write-up to 800 words. We wrote down what we thought we would write here. We then had a 30 minute lunch at half 12.

When we came back after lunch we had a quiet time, were we could go to confessions and we wrote a letter to our parents and Jesus. By the time everyone had down confessions it was nearly 3, so we just had enough time to say some prayers before we left.

I really enjoyed this day out of school as it was very different than being in school and also from any other days out of school we have had. It was a very interesting day and I learnt a lot from it


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