North West Simon Community

On Friday the 31st of March, we had a talk in Rm 8 period 5 . Collette came into talk to us about the North West Simon community. Collette has work for the North West Simon community since 2012. She talked to us about what exactly the Simon community does.

North West Simon Community is a non-profit organisation working to prevent and address homelessness in counties Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal. As a charity they provide care and supportive services that work to prevent people from becoming homeless and enable people to move to a place they can call home. The organisation now provides supported accommodation to over 65 people in the Letterkenny area.

download (1)

Collette told us why some people come to them, there is several reasons why people contact them: Drugs, alcohol, homelessness…  She also should us a video about a women how went to them for help and now has her own house and is happy as ever in life.

I really enjoyed learning about the North West Simon Community as I didn’t know much about it before.


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