Wonder Land

On Thursday the 27th of March, Mr. Beattie organised for TYs to go on a theatre trip. He decided that we would go and see Wonderland in the Grand Opera House.

We left school at 9:00, we stopped around 11:30 in a garage for a quick toilet break.  We arrived in Belfast at around 12:00. We had until 1:50 around Victoria square, for lunch and shopping. I went with Niamh, Enya, Mona and Shauna. We went to Pizza Express for lunch, I had lasagna it was very nice. We then walked around victoria Square until 1:50.  Everyone walked over to the Grand Opera House , when we got there we were brought to our seats, we were on the top-tier. The show started at around 2:40. The first 15 minutes weren’t that good but then it started to pick up and it was actually really good-by the end, but there was a lot of singing in it. It was a version of Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking-glass. It was over by 4:45 and we were back on the bus by 5. We got stuck in traffic so we weren’t home till 8:30, as we stopped for 20 minutes as well.

It was a really good day out as I had never been in Belfast before and I got to see a broad way production even thought there was a lot of signing in it!!


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