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Our second week of work experience started on Monday the 3rd of April till Friday the 17th of April. I decided that I would go to Swan Net Gundry in Killbegs to the office, it is a netting company, which make nets for the big fishing tailors.

Day 1 – Monday the 3rd

My first day started at 7:30, my mum works here so I got a lift up with her everyday. My mum was the first one in the office every morning, so I had to help her empty the dish washer in the canteen (Kitchen). Then Evelyn came in she is the Manager Director of Swan Net Gundry and Evelyn is also my auntie. The first thing I had to do was take all the wages folder and put them all in a box and store them down in the store-room. At 8.30 Nicola and Patrick came in the also work in the office. Then at 9 Lisa came in, 5 people worked in the office that I was in for the week. I then had to do filing for my mum and Nicola, I had to put them all in alphabetical order. This took a while to do this, I was finished by 10.30. I then was set up with my own laptop for the week, I had by own login details and I also had my own login in for the companys Intact. My mum got me to close of the non productive hours for the month end for the overheads on intact. I had a break at 12, when I came back from my break Lisa got me to up the post. Once I had all the post open, Lisa showed  me how to do the lodgement, I had to write all the cheques down on a lodgement sheet with the amount and the sort code. I also had to write the amount of cash down. Once I had it all counted up, I had to fill  out a lodgement slip and I had to put it in a fast lodgement envelope along with the cheques and cash. At 1 it was lunch, everyone one went down to the canteen for lunch, I had my own lunch with me. Lunch lasted till 1:30. I finished of the lodgements by taking away the amount from each persons account and if it came from the shop it was taken away from the item bought ( sort code).  Around 2:30 Nicola gave me several sheets of  goods (purchases) that Swan Net bought for making nets but the dates were wrong on it, the date the goods were due was the same that the goods were order, so I had to change them on the computer to the date the computer wanted it to be. This took a good hour and a half to do. Once I was done that I had to wait for my mum to finish up to go home. I was finished my first day at Swan Net Gundry at 4:30.

Day 2 – Tuesday the 4th

I started today at 7:30, today I took my breakfast with me so this way I only had to get up at 6:25 instead of 6. So when I got their that day I helped Evelyn finish emptying the dish washer as Evelyn was just in before us today. I then had by breakfast. At 7:50 Mum got me to take more of the wages folders out and put each folder into a box and store them in a cabinet in the store-room. When I had that down I had to take all of last years overheads and take them down to the store-room and I had to place them on the overhead shelf and sort them out in numerical order. I then had to take all of the Purchases folders down and place them on the shelf as well in numerical order. Finally I had to take down all the  job folders, this included all the jobs that was down in Swan Net Gundry (in Skibbereen, Killbegs, Scotland, America and in Coastal), over the past year and a half. This took nearly two hours. Once I had all that down I had my break around 11. Lisa then gave me the visa slips from the day before from down in the shop and I had to write an address on each envelope for the customer to receive their visa receipt. Once the post came I had to open it all and sort it out and give it then over to Patrick. It was my mums turn today to do the town run, so I went with her. This meant that who evers turn it was had to go to the Swan Net Gundry shop, banks( Ulster Bank or AIB), post office….. Today we went to the Bank I only had to throw in the fast lodgement envelope from yesterday and there was a box in the inside of the door for this. We then had to go to Supervalu, we had to get things for the Canteen and we had to go some of the lunches for some of the boys down the offices down stairs. When we came back it was lunch time. After lunch I had to do the petty cash for the month of March. So I had to check with the book and the computer to see if everything was correct and then I to calculate up the total and add it on to last months total. Patrick then gave me a sheet of all the jobs that were done in March and I had to check to see if all the jobs prices were the same as the computer prices. This took a good hour. Once I was down I had to go down and empty the dishwasher. Today was I wasn’t finished until 5 as mum had to get stuff down as it as the month end.

Day 3 – Wednesday the 5th

Today started at 7:30, I got up again today at 6:25 so I had my breakfast when I got there. At 7:50 Mum got me to finish of the wages folders as there was only two folders left.  Today I had a lot of filing to do. I  was given invoices from Nicola and I  had to punch hole them and then I had to file them in alphabetical order. Then Nicola gave me more filing this time the had to go in date order. Lisa gave me the jobs to file, there was several folders for the jobs, so I had to organise the jobs first into the correct folder then I had to put them into numerical order to folder. Mum then got me to file things as well. After break I had to do the lodgements I was more comfortable doing it today as I had done it on Monday. This took a while but it was a bit quicker than  Monday. After lunch Lisa gave me some of the statements that had to go out to customers. Each statements had to go into an envelope along with the invoices of the customer if the had any for that month. This took over an hour and a half as I had to do 93 statements. When I was waiting on my mum to finish, I had to shred paper. I was finished today at 4:30

Day 4 – Thursday the 6th

I was not able to go to work experience this day as Ms.Darby needed me to go into school to help out with the H.E cooking exams that were on that day.

Day 5 – Friday the 7th

Today was my last day I go there at 7:30. I had my breakfast and then went down to the office for 8. Mum got me to tidy up her folders in a her drawer as she was running out of room so I had to move them over to the wage drawer that I  had cleared out during the week. I then had to reconcile the invoices I was given a sheet and I had to see does it match the amount with the computer. Once that was down i had to open the post there was a lot of post today so it took a while. I then had a break around 11:30. Lisa the showed me how to stamp the post using the machine. Lisa then got me to do the lodgments. It was mums turn to do the town run again. Today we had to go to the Ulster Bank, AIB, the chemist and the Butchers ( to get everyone’s lunches). Mum decided that we would buy a cake to say thank you Lisa, Nicola, Patrick and Evelyn for having me for the week. We got back to the office at 1, lunch time. Darragh was there today she usually works down in the shop but on Fridays she works up in the spare of office up here. After lunch I had to do filing for Evelyn, I had to take folders for her down to do store-room. Then I had to do SOME filing for Nicola. I then had to shred paper for Patrick. Lisa told me about the water machine in the canteen as it has all the PH levels in it and she gave me a book to read about it. I found it very interesting. Today I left at 3:30

I really enjoyed my work experience week in Swan Net Gundry and I am glad I had the opportunity to go there for my second week of  work experience, as I got to work with really nice people, I was an opportuntiy to work in an office environment and I got to see different parts of how a  business is ran.









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