Law Course

On Monday and Tuesday the 8th and 9th of May we had a Law Course with John.T.Fahy.  John T Fahy he is a barrister from Galway and he has been a barrister for the last 30 years.

On Monday we were in the Mercy Hall for the day,  we covered a variety of different things here:

  • The Irish Legal System
  • Civil law
  • Criminal Law
  • Courts System
  • Terminology of Law

I really enjoyed today as I got to learn the different parts of the civil Law and the different courts and what each are for in terms of the civil law.

John went through different cases that has happened in his life time, ones that have been on the news and ones that he had been involved in himself, I really enjoyed listening to his side of things.

On Tuesday we were in the Mercy Hall until 11. For these 2 hours we learned about the Criminal Law. He told us the maximum amount of years each court can give you. In Ireland there are 2 types of life sentences:

  • Mandatory – The judge has no choice
  • Maximum – The judge has a choice

He told us about the different criminal trials he had been involved in as a barrister. After our 11 O’clock break, we had to walk to the Court House for 11:30. We were in the court-house until 3:15. John was going to do a mock trial with us. People were given parts to act. I was in the jury. I found it very interesting to watching how court is sort of like. In the end Ciaran was found not guilty of murder!!

I really enjoyed taking part in the Law course and I learned about the countries law. The most interesting part f the course was the court trial.




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