Issues with animal Cloning

 Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of an original. They  transfer the DNA of the donoranimal’s somatic cell into an egg cell, or oocyte, that has had its own DNA-containing nucleus removed

What is the down sides of cloning?

  • Although your precious dog or cat has been brought to life, there is no guarantee that it will have the same personality as your lost loved one. This this process only clones the muscles, bones and genetic makeup of your favorite animal, but not its traits or personality.
  • It can be seen as animal cruelty,   animals that may not be cloned properly because of cell incompatibility could end up getting sick and die due to neglect.
  • Early death or premature aging – when somatic cells undergo telomeric shortening during cloning, the results can be early death of the animal or premature aging
  • Expensive – cloning is expensive because a great number of eggs are required for a single viable clone and this may seem wasteful since it is much easier to breed animals naturally
  • Genetic diversity is reduced – since it is possible to create identical copies of animals, this aspect is reduced greatly
  • It can lead to cloning humans.
    This is what most opponents of cloning are most concerned about. They fear that genetic manipulation of animals could lead to human cloning, which for many is only possible in movies or in a fantasy world. Moreover, people are concerned of the ethical and moral effects of cloning.

They above points are some of the issues that are the down sides of animal cloning and why we should not clone our animals, as it is not a natural thing to do in life.


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