Community Care – Day Centre

As another part of my community care for TY, I went to the Day Centre in Ballyshannon. The day centre is a centre that elderly people go to once a week and there is only a limited amount of places. The maximum about of people there on one day is about 15. I went to the Day Centre every Tuesday from 12 – 1 ( I went during school as it closes at 3).

I did plenty of things during my time there, For the first half hour every week, I would either paint nails, talk to them, do their scrap-book, cut out cards, make cards, bingo, raffles, quizzes, talent show… Then at 12:30 it was lunch time. I would help set the table and then I would help them over to their seats, I would get drinks for them. They got soup first, then the got dinner and after dinner they had tea and desert. I would help Marion Ann and Micheal clear up after each meal.

I really enjoyed the Day Centre, as I got to see the old people every week  and wathcing them give out about one another too me was the highlight every week. I really will miss taking to them each week.


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