Gaisce – Bronze Award

At the start of the year we were given the option to do Gaisce. I decided that I would do it so we had to do:

  • 13 weeks Community care – I did Creche
  • 13 weeks Personal Skill – I did lifesaving
  • 13 weeks Physical activity I went to the GYM
  • & repeat one w of the above for another 13 weeks – I done the physical activity again.

The final pat of the Bronze award was the adventure journey. This consented of a 2 day and 1 night journey, walking 25km over they two days.

On Thursday the 11th of May 22 TYs left the school at 6 pm to complete their gaisce award. We got to the Bluestack centre at 7. We then done 10 km that evening with Ms.McKinley and Ms.McSharry. This took us about 2 hours. When we got back to the centre there was Jiving on and we decided that we would join in this was good craic. Then that night we were allowed toast or cereal. We went to sleep in the hall, on the ground around 1.

We woke up on the Friday around 7.30, we had to bring all our stuff upstairs as there was painters coming in. We had about 2 hours before the rest of the TYs joined us.We had breakfast and got ready to leave. We then got onto the bus with the rest of the Tys, Mr.Doherty,  Sylvester and Steven  and we were brought to our destination this was were we were  going to start our 16km walk in to Glentis. Steven lead the way for the walk. The start of the walk was the wost as it was all up hill into the mountains. We then had to walk through bog for a good 2 hours. We had a few stops on the way for a drink of after. some people did get a bit stuck in the bog which was funny. We had our lunch around 12. We were nearly half way there at this stage. We then got of the mountain around 1:30 and were on a path for the rest of the journey. We arrived into Glentis around 2.45. We were also happy to see the bus as we were all wrecked and our feets were soaking from the bogs.

These two days were a very interesting experience. Thursday night I really enjoyed, but Fridays walk was really hard and I was absolutely wrecked after it but I am gladI  took part as know I have completed my bronze gaisce award.



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