Barcelona – Day 1

Midnight on Saturday the 29th of April our trip to Barcelona started. 70 students and 8 teachers left the new hall at 12 that night. We arrived in Dublin at 3:05, we went to our group leaders, my group leader for the trip was Mr.Beattie, he gave us back our passports and he gave us our boarding passes, I was seat 18B. We had to wait until 3:30 to go through security, by the time everyone had got through security it was 4. We all went and got breakfast, I went with Niamh, Mona, Shauna and Enya. I wasn’t really hungry so I just got some fresh fruit. We walked around the shops and we had to meet everyone at 5:15 and then we all headed our gate. Our flight left  at 6:15. I ended up sitting on an aisle seat, and there was nobody in the middle seat but Dearbhla McGukin was in the window seat. The flight was about an 2 hours and 15 minutes. We were in Barcelona at around 9:30. Everyone got there bags and we all went to the toilets to freshen up.


Today we had a tour of the city , we met our tour guides at the entrance to the airport and we got on a bus and went to our first destation, it started to rain when we were on our way to Ciutadella which was annoying but it didn’t stop us. We were at the Ciutadella for about 15 minutes and then we went back on he bus and went to the 1992 Olympic stadium.




We then had a 30 minutes drive to the La Familee our tour guide should us the building from the front and then she gave us and hour for lunch in the city. When we came back from lunch around 1:30. We were brought around to the back of the church and we seen the stations on the cross. The Sagrada Familia Church stated to be built 135 years ago and is still going on it is the tallest building in Barcelona and is hope to be finished in 9 years time. It’s a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). 

We  headed to the to the aquarium for 2.30. We had until 3.30 to go around the aquirum. They was all kinds of fish here but it was really busy as, family’s were there and they just kept getting in the way of the tanks so we were on able to see the fish. But I did enjoy walking around and going through the tunnel, were the fish were swimming beside you and on top of you.

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We then got on the bus and headed for the hotel, our hotel was in Salou an hour and a half an hour way from Barcelona. So it was a very long journey to the hotel, we got to the hotel around 5.932.JPG

We got checked in and then we got our room number and key. I was staying in room 181 with Nimah and Mona. Beside us was Mr. Beattie and Mr. Maguire and the other side of us was Darragh, Micheal and Oisin Woods. We had a half an hour in our rooms until dinner. We went down for dinner around 6:30. That night I had salad and rice,I had a bit of chicken but I didn’t eat it as it did not taste like chicken!! We then had about 2 hours in  the hotel . At 9 we all meant up in the lobby, we went for a walk into Salou town. We had untill 9:45 here. When we went back to the hotel that night we had untill 11 and then it was lights out. I fell asleep around 11 as I as very tired .

I really enjoyed our first day of adventures in Barcelona, it was a very long and tiring day but it was enjoyable. I found the sight-seeing very interesting learning about the Spanish culture and I enjoyed seeing all on the fish in the aquarium as you don’t  get to see them every day.



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