Barcelona – Day 3

Today started of the same time as Monday, 7:45. We went down for breakfast at 8, we had until 9:30 to get ready for the day. Today we were in Port aventura for the day. We arrived at Port aventura before 10. We were here until 6:30. I was with Katie, Ríonach, Úna and Katherine. The first ride we went on was the Furius Bas. (PortAventura’s incredible horizontal catapult that flings you at 135 km/h in just 3 seconds.) We waited in the line for a half an hour. This was the first big role-coaster, I have went on in my life. I didn’t realise it was going to go so fast, which I didn’t like. Since we waisted an hour just on the first ride we decided to get a fast track past, which meant that we didn’t have to que up for any ride. We then went on the Shambala (Measuring 76 metres tall, this roller coaster boasts the longest drop and is the highest in PortAventura Park) This rollercoaster went a lot better for me, than the first one it didn’t go as fast. We decided that we would give the tea cups a go, this turned out to be a good laugh!!! It was now 1 at this stage so we decided that we would got for lunch. After lunch we went on the Tutki splash. We got quiet wet on this ride, we weren’t expecting to get as wet as we did but it was good fun. Úna, Ríonach and Kathreine wanted to go Hurakan Condor (With a 100-metre long free fall, this ride is only suitable for the most courageous of México PortAventura’s visitors) Katie and I didn’t wanted to go on this ride so we waited for them. Once the girls were finished on the Hurakan Condor, we went on the stampida this was a wooden ride and two coasters were against each other, I was on the red rollercoaster, but the blue coaster won. We then went on our last ride for the day before the tea cups one last time. the dragon Khan (An icon for all roller coasters: 8 loops and more than 110 km/h of speed will make Dragon Khan a sure temptation as soon as you lay eyes on it.) I took this ride surprisingly well but it wasnt until I got off it I felt a bit dizzy. We then went on the tea cups to finish the day off, I was very dizzy after this!! We had just under an hour left, so me and Katherine went and got a braids in our hair. We were back on the bus at 6:30

TY Barcelona April 30 May 3 2017 PRINT-319



Dinner that night was at 7:30. We then had an hour to pack up our rooms. After 9 we walked into Salou, we were here until 10:45. Tonight lights had to be out at 11:30, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 12:30.

Today was a different day, as I had never been on any bigger role-coasters before so it was definitely a first for me.


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