Barcelona – Day 4

Today was our last day in Barcelona. We got up and had breakfast at 8. This morning was a bit different as we had until 10 in the hotel as we had to be out of the hotel at 10. So we all got ready and packed up our stuff. We had just over an hour and a half before the bus came so we went into Salou . The weather wasn’t that nice today as it started raining which was annoying. When the bus came at 12 we headed into Barcelona for the last time. For some reason it was a really long bus drive, we eventually got to Barcelona at 1.30. Today we went to the Centro Comercial Maremagnum shopping centre. First we got lunch in the shopping centre. Once we had lunch we went through all the different shops we were in the shopping centre until 3:15. We then went on a 40 minute boat ride. This was something different but I personally thought that the big ships ruined the scenery!! When we got of the boat we had 20 minutes before the bus came so we were allowed to go back into the shopping centre .

We arrived at the airport at 6:45 we were given our passports and our boarding passes.We then went through security when we got through security we had an hour before boarding, so I went to duty-free then I went and got dinner in Burger King. Our flight was at 9:15 but it didn’t end up leaving until 9:45 We arrived back in Dublin at 11:10. We were on the bus at 12 and we arrived home safely at 3:00 am.

Barcelona                                                 Dublin

They trip was over before I knew it, it was are really good experience that I will never forgot! I was wrecked after the four days. By far I  personally thought Day 2 was the best. I don’t think I will be running back to go on another rollercoaster again.the disapponting part to the trip was that it rained on Sunday and Wednesday.  I can’t wait until I’m older and I can go and visit more places like this.

Barcelona was definitely the highlight of TY!!

TY Barcelona April 30 May 3 2017 PRINT-353


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