Digital Media

During TY we had Digital Media class with Mr. Beattie. We had a double on Monday and a single class on a Thursday. Since september  we have done several different things in this class, our main focus was our blog. We learned how to set up our on blog and we leaned how the WordPress site works, and we wrote up every activity we done on here.

We also learned basic Photo Composition using simple techniques such as applying the rule of thirds and filling the frame nad we have gone on several walks around the town applying the rules to our pictures. When we came back from these walks we would edit them using editing techniques Mr.Beattie thought us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As part of the Christmas Market we had to have posters done up so Mr. Beattie thought us how to us He also showed us how to take photos using a homemade light box, this was also part of the Christmas Market.

We also did several classes on basic film compositions. Different angles and shot types and story boards.





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