Law Course

On Monday and Tuesday the 8th and 9th of May we had a Law Course with John.T.Fahy.  John T Fahy he is a barrister from Galway and he has been a barrister for the last 30 years. On Monday we were in the Mercy Hall for the day,  we covered a variety of different things … More Law Course

Internet Security

Thursday 20th of October two Bank of Ireland staff Paula and Roisin came up to talk to us about Internet security. Paula should us a 50 minute slide show on the internet . She should us how many people are on each site, Facebook had the highest it has 1.71 billion views. Paula should us … More Internet Security

Fire Safety Talk

On Monay the 10th of September two firemen Conal Kane and Ciaran Drummond  from Ballyshannon fire brigade. Came to talk too 83 TYs.Conal should us a 30 minute slide show about the fire brigade it include things like, fire saftey  what might cause a fire and what to do in a fire. It was an intresting talk and … More Fire Safety Talk

Gender Equality

On Monday the 10th of October Ty3 had a talk on gender equality. We were in the long room in the Mercy hall from 11:05 to 1:05. They women that was talking to us was called Danielle. Danielle gave us all a differnt piece of paper with someone on it. I got an 18 year old … More Gender Equality