PE.XPO – Dublin

6 am on Wednesday the 8th of March 30 TY students arrived at the New Hall, we were picked to go to the PE Xpo in Trintiy Comprehensive school to present our projects that we presented in January in the Mercy Hall,  we were mean’t to leave at 6 but one of the girls slept … More PE.XPO – Dublin

PEXPO Trial Run

As part of TY everyone had to come up with a PEXPO project based around either sports, nutrition, games development, health promotion,  and psychology . Ms McKinley helped us in Biology with our projects. I choose to research energy bars. Energy Bars From the seven categories I choose Nutrition. I am doing my PEXPO on … More PEXPO Trial Run

Step Challenge

Everyone in the school has to keep track of their steps using an app on their phone for they next four weeks, it is working with the healthy schools committee. Since Monday the 16th of January till Monday 30th of January I have taking a total of 113,948, my average amount of steps is 7,122. … More Step Challenge

Leisure -Term 1

P:E this year is called leisure we have it for 4 class on a Thursday evening all the Tys are together for it. Our first lesure class was the 8th of September and we did Junk Kuture,  we were put into groups and were giving pieces of rubbish and we had to design a costume … More Leisure -Term 1