TY Religion

From September to May we done several topics in our Religion class with Ms Christie. We started the year by watching Tuesdays with Morrie. When we had finished watching it we were given a project to do on it. We had to research the following: ALS Romans Death Family A meaning full life Famous teacher … More TY Religion

St. Vincent de Paul

Donegal Cancer Bus The service began eight years ago with volunteers using their own cars to transport patients to Galway. As the number of patients and the numbers of cars needed to transport them rose, the organisation moved to larger vehicles. They first purchased a nine-seater and later a 22-seat bus and in 2016 the launched a … More St. Vincent de Paul


   Animals in the wild that are at risk of Extinction  Baiji Pyrenean ibex Golden toad Caribbean monk seal                                    Bali tiger Javan rhinoceros Snow leopard Tiger Red tuna Asian Elephant Vaquita porpoise Mountain gorilla Irrawaddy river dolphin Sumatran … More Blackfish