PE.XPO – Dublin

6 am on Wednesday the 8th of March 30 TY students arrived at the New Hall, we were picked to go to the PE Xpo in Trintiy Comprehensive school to present our projects that we presented in January in the Mercy Hall,  we were mean’t to leave at 6 but one of the girls slept … More PE.XPO – Dublin

Agricultural Sciences

From January till midterm our science subject was Agricultural Sciences. Our teacher was Ms.O’Grady. For the first few weeks she talked to the leaving cert Ag science course. 25% of the courses is based on a project you do throughout the two years. You are better of  leaving near or one a farm to do AG science … More Agricultural Sciences

Chemistry Term 2

When we came back after (Halloween) midterm, we had Chemistry. Our teacher was Ms.Mac Sharry. They first few classes she talked to us about Chemistry in Leaving Cert, she went through the different parts of the courses. Ms.Mac Sharry  told us not to keep on Chemistry for the leaving if you are a person to … More Chemistry Term 2

PEXPO Trial Run

As part of TY everyone had to come up with a PEXPO project based around either sports, nutrition, games development, health promotion,  and psychology . Ms McKinley helped us in Biology with our projects. I choose to research energy bars. Energy Bars From the seven categories I choose Nutrition. I am doing my PEXPO on … More PEXPO Trial Run