Gender Equality

On Monday the 10th of October Ty3 had a talk on gender equality. We were in the long room in the Mercy hall from 11:05 to 1:05. They women that was talking to us was called Danielle.

Danielle gave us all a differnt piece of paper with someone on it. I got an 18 year old girl with depression.We had to be in that persons shoes for 10 minutes. She asked us  a series of questions and we had to answer if that person would do that by taking a sweet. Everyone then told who they were. We realised that not everyone in the world has equal rights and that not everyone is treatewd fairly.

We were then put into groups and we had the quess by blacked out pictures whethar they were a girl or a boy. this talk us not to judge anybody and you need to get to know them before making any asumtions.

Image result for gender equality




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