Check Please!

On Thursday the 17th of November at 6:00pm  TY3  and TY1 along with Ms Garvey and Mr Beattie went to the Balor Arts Theatre for a theater competition.. My class were doing a play called check Pleases, it was about a girl and a guy how broke up and went on several dates and in the end the got back together. I was a girl how just burst out laughing when I went on the date with the guy Roisin. Ms Garveys class were doing a play about a travelers daughters father getting married and the traveler came and disrupted the wedding, and by the end of the play the traveler killed her daughter and she also died.

We arrived in Ballybofey at 7:15pm, we were brought down to our changing room and we all got ready. There was one other school in the competition, Mount Eargle school in Letterkenny. They were on first at 8, their play was about a convent and the priest was sick, so one of the school boys pretended to be the priest in confessions and made everyone do really stupid things as their punishment. In the end the priest came back and the boy was caught, they Nuns weren’t very happy!! We were on next, our play took 28 minutes but it only  felt like 5 minutes. We were very happy how our play turned out even though some people forgot their lines, we had only been practicing for 2 weeks. Ms Garveys class was on last I really enjoyed watching their play. We had 10 minutes before for the results were announced so we were able to get changed and get all our stuff ready for home.

The results were ready at 10, we all got our seats and we listed to Maura. Some people got certificates and others got tropes. Finally it was the moment we hand be waiting for in second place was Check please!! We were so shock as we weren’t expecting anything  and in first place was Mount Eargle . TY1 were so surprised that we bet them as our play wasn’t very good compared to theirs

We arrived back at the school at 11:30 pm, I was wrecked. I really enjoyed myself. The Theater competition was a really interesting experience and I cant wait until the next theatre competition in January!!



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