Aoife Cassidy I’m a reliable, honest and hard working.  I am diligent and committed to any task given to me.  I am thorough and determined.  I love working with numbers and mathematical dilemmas.  I have good communication skills.  I am very good with technology and I am a very fast learner. Personal Details: Address: Killeen, … More C.V

Check Please!

On Thursday the 17th of November at 6:00pm  TY3  and TY1 along with Ms Garvey and Mr Beattie went to the Balor Arts Theatre for a theater competition.. My class were doing a play called check Pleases, it was about a girl and a guy how broke up and went on several dates and in the end … More Check Please!


   Animals in the wild that are at risk of Extinction  Baiji Pyrenean ibex Golden toad Caribbean monk seal                                    Bali tiger Javan rhinoceros Snow leopard Tiger Red tuna Asian Elephant Vaquita porpoise Mountain gorilla Irrawaddy river dolphin Sumatran … More Blackfish

Leisure -Term 1

P:E this year is called leisure we have it for 4 class on a Thursday evening all the Tys are together for it. Our first lesure class was the 8th of September and we did Junk Kuture,  we were put into groups and were giving pieces of rubbish and we had to design a costume … More Leisure -Term 1

Music -Term 1

We have music once a week one a Tuesday evening with Mr.Cronin. Over the first term we have done several different things, we learnt to play the ukulele and the piano. The whole class sang James Arthur’s song Say you wont let get go, while Caoimhe played the keyboard, Dylan played the electric guitar, Iarlaithe played the drums … More Music -Term 1

Maths -Term 1

This year I have Mr. Mc Phleim for maths, I have maths 3 days a week. During the first few weeks, he gave us a leaving cert ordinary level handouts of patterns and sequences, we worked on this sheet during class. Once we were finished the handout, Mr. Mc Phleim did simultaneous equations with us he … More Maths -Term 1