TY Religion

From September to May we done several topics in our Religion class with Ms Christie. We started the year by watching Tuesdays with Morrie. When we had finished watching it we were given a project to do on it. We had to research the following:

  • ALS
  • Romans
  • Death
  • Family
  • A meaning full life
  • Famous teacher
  • A poem
  • Compare Tango and the lindy dance

I learned about ALS and what effects it has on people. The famous teacher I researched was Albert Einstein.

Our second project we down was Black Fish. We spent a few classes watching Blackfish. We then had to pick an animal to research I picked snow leopard. We were given a serious of questions to research about the animal:

  • Why they are extinct?
  • Why people are hunting them?
  • Where do they live?
  • How many of they are still alive?
  • The history of the animal
  • Are they kept in Zoos, if so where?
  • How is the animal being mistreated?

I enjoyed learning  about the snow leopard, one fact that stood out to me the most was the fact that the are more related to cats than they are to snow leopards.

We then moved on to new religious movements. We read through several PowerPoints on different knewreligious moments. We watched several different documentaries as well on it. I enjoyed watching the different documentaries as before this we had done animal/human based projects so it was something different.

Our final project was about animal cloning. We started to watch Jurassic Parks, but we didn’t get it completed as we ran out of time. Instead we had to research the issues about animal cloning, to find out what is wrong/ what is bad about it.

I found Ty religion very interesting as we got to do different projects, compared to pervious years ( 1st-3rd year) were in religion you had a religion book and had to read a story each class and answer question on it. I would of rather, if we got to watch all of Jurassic parks instead off doing more on the New religious movemnets and I found the Jurassic Parks more interesting but at the same time I enjoyed all of Ty religious with Ms. Christie.





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