Pancake Tuesday Bake Sale!

On Tuesday the 28th of February was Panacke Tuesday and they Bank decided to have a Bake Sale for the Special Needs Unit. I went to Ms.Fagan they week before and I asked her was it ok if we went a head with a Bake Sale on Pancake Tuesday, she said that was fine. I went a head with making posters, to put up around the school on the 27th of February .

On Monday the 6 of us made something at home for the Bakd Sale. I made rocky road and brownies, Kelly made several batches of pancake batter and waffle batter, Áine made chocolate cookies, Katie made brownies & Grace made cake.                                                                           

On Tuesday morning  we all head down to the H:E room, we started to turn on all the ovens. While Kelly started making the pancakes, we kept them warm till break in the oven, then we started with the waffles. Everything was ready just before break , we had the table all layed out in the assembly area when the bell went. It was very crazy as everyone wanted pancakes and also the canteen was closed.  It was a very quick break, We had everything tided up by 12 O’Clock. I counted the money and we raised €170 for the special needs unit which we were delighted about.


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