Make Up Course

On Thursday the 23rd of March, we had a make up course in the long room from 12:25 -3:45. The girl that was doing it was called Karla and she works in the Spa in the Sandhouse Hotel. She gave us a booklet on skin types , make up techniques, types of foundation and several … More Make Up Course

First Aid Course

On Friday the 10th of March, all  TYs had a first aid course in the Mercy Hall. Everyone headed up to the Mercy Hall at 8:45 am, there was a team of paramedics there waiting for us. We were introduced to Mark and he talked us about what were going to do for the day and … More First Aid Course

MOG Car Course

On Thursday the 19th of January all the TY students had a car courses down at the New Hall. We were split up into groups, my class was on first with half of TY 1 and TY 2. the courses was over another long. We were in a trailer with half of a car. The … More MOG Car Course

Carnival 2016

CARNIVAL WORKSHOP The carnival workshop lasted over two-days, Thursday the 6th of October till Friday the 7th of October. We worked with Patrick Mc Eneaney  over the two days in  the Mercy hall to but the finale together Thursday – 6th of October 83 TYs headed up to the Mercy hall on Thursday the 6th at 9am. We … More Carnival 2016