Letterkenny IT

LYIT had their open day on Friday the 13th of January, 50 TYs were all to go. I was one of them, I went with Niamh, Mona, Shauna and Enya.We left the New Hall at 9, Ms.Y.Gallgher and Ms Christie went with us.

We arrived at the IT at 10 o’clock.First thing we dd was Law. We were in a big lecture room. The lecture, talked a bit about the law courses and then she played a game with us. A park decided that they were no longer allowing vehicles in the park. People were still bringing vehicles into the park and we had to say whether the were guilty or not.

  • A man was late for work so we drove through the park – guilty
  • A toddler drove their toy car through the park – Not guilty
  • A girl had an allergic reaction to a bee sting and an ambulance had to come and drive though the park to save her – Not Guilty.

We then rewrote the law that was put in place so that people wouldn’t be brought to court for stupid reasons.

At 11 we headed for the sports lab, we were showing all the different entry ways into they different courses and then we got to watch each other try out a see how fit we were. Not everyone had a go.

We them headed down to the canteen for lunch, we were given a €6 voucher to spend. I had curry chips and a can of fanta. We had until one before our next course, so Niamh, Mona Enya and Shauna and I just sat and talked.

We did  went up to the design department,  we listen to the lecture talk about animations, then we went down and looked at the green screen. Two of the boys got to be news reporters it was very funny to watch them.

Our final course was Business, we were split up into two groups, they group I was in our lecture was Sarah. She gave us a hand out and we had to work in groups, to get them finished. We were then given a travel pack with face wash, hand wash, mouthwash and perfume and we had to say what was good and what was bad about the product.

We got back on the bus and were back in the school art 3:45. I was glad that I was one of the 50 students that got to go as it made me aware how soon Collage actually is and it gave me  a taster of what some of the many courses are like.


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