From after midterm till Summer we had woodwork, on a Tuesday morning for 2 classes and a Friday evening for one class, with Mr. McGlynn.  Mr. McGlynn decided that we would make TY clocks. We started of with outlines of clocks and we had to stick in the hands and the letters that said TY … More Woodwork

Art -Term 3

This term we had Art. Our teacher was Ms.Finegan  We had to make a cover for a book. I’m not good at drawing, i cant draw for my life, so I had to decided on something to do instead of drawing, so I came up with and idea that I could do a collage with a bunch of … More Art -Term 3

H.E Notice Board

When we came back from our Christmas Holidays, Ms.Darby asked me to decorate the H.E notice board for the Open Day. She said that I could do something with the pictures she had of the first year cushions. I decided to print of the 40 cushions all the same size and cut them all out. I also … More H.E Notice Board