Enterprise: Christmas – Summer

I missed a lot of Enterprises classes due to the Build a Bank Challenge, as we always had our meeting on a Monday evening during Enterprise class. So I have only had 2 Enterprise classes since the Build A Bank Challenge Final. One of the classes                 Ms.Y.Gallagher brought 14 of  us down to the Museum in Slevins. As it is an Enterprise idea, as people hopefully will come into the town to visit it to learn about the history of Ballyshannon and when they are there they will look around the shops and buy stuff. We were in the Museum for about 20 minutes, then some people went to get 99s, not everyone had money on them so so Ms.Y. Gallgher bought  everyone else one the were very nice! We were going to go down the Mall to see the hand ball Allie, the park and the fairly doors as they werte also Enterprise ideas in the town but then it started raining really heavily so we waited in Pierces till it stopped and then we headed back up to the school as class was nearly over anyways. The next class Ms.Y. Gallgher was out so we just had to to do a work sheet on Enterpirse.



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