Barcelona – Day 2

Day 2 started by the teachers knocking on the door to wake us up at 7:45. We had to be down for breakfast at 8. So I quickly got up and put on something for breakfast. Breakfast that morning was only ok. I didn’t really like the milk and they didnt have much fruit which was a disappointment. Once we had our breakfast we had until 9:20 to get ready for the day. We got on to the bus at half 9.

Our first stop today was Nou Camp. We arrived at the stadium at 11. We had until  before 1 here. When we entered Nou Camp first we went through they museum which had the history of the club. I did enjoy this part that much as all the main pieces of information where in Spanish which were really hard to understand. Here u were able to see all the trophies the club has one over the past 50+ years. Once you got past the museum you were out in the seats to the stadium. You could see the entire pitch from here.  After this you walked through the dressing room. Which also had an Ice Bath. You then went through the conference room.  Then you arrived on the stairs, were to players would go down when the are going to enter the pitch for a match. We went down the stairs an were then on the pitch. We took plenty of pictures here. When you came of the picth you were able to go into the  press box. You then went thorugh the presses restaurant and bar. We then seen all the players jerseys before entering the Barcelona shop. Mr.Baettie took a group photo of us outside the stadium.

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For lunch today we went on the Ramblas.  This is a famous street in Barcelona full of shops and restaurants.  We had until 2:30 here. We were allowed to go off on our own here. We had our lunch first and then we went through the shops. We then went and got ice cream, the ice cream was in the shape of a flower, it was really nice. We then got another group picture on the steps outside the Ramblas.


At 3 we went on the cable carts. This was really nice as we got to see the entire city. When we got of the cable carts at the top , we were on a hill. There was a castle up here, but we didn’t go into the castle, we just walked around it. The view from up here was really nice. We then went back down   on the cable cart at 5 and we were back onto the bus at 5:30.

Dinner this evening was at 7:30. After dinner we had an hour to get ready, as we were going bowling. We left for bowling at 9. The bowling was really got fun. We were in the bowling aisle until 11, when we got back to the hotel we were allowed to stay up until 12.

Today I personally thought today best day. I really enjoyed Nou Camp, then the cable carts were something different as I had never been on somethign like it before and then the bolowing just finshed the day off for me. Yet agin it another very tiring day!!



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