Christmas Fair 2016

Colaiste Cholmcilles Christmas Fair took place in the Mercy Hall on Friday the 9th of December. It was in aid of make a wish foundation. The 2-3 weeks prior to the fair we were busy making our products to sell, setting up the social media sites, making posters, calling primary schools, telling local business about the fair and lots more. I helped make the Elf Doors and I also made the snap-chat account.

I worked with Mrs.Conlon in making  the elf doors. Different people in T.Y did different parts of the doors, there was a group who painted them, there was a group how made the wreaths and glued them onto the doors, another group made clothes lines and the clothes   (I was in this group). Kate and Lucy made the Christmas trees. Mr Conlon printed of a note from the Elfs so that we could sell it with the doors. When he had them printed I cut them all down to the prefect size and I punched holed them as well. We were selling them in clear plastic bags ( the were kind of in the shape of a triangle just with the top cut of ). I had to tie  one note to every bag and fill the bag with cotton wool (snow).

On Saturday the 3rd of December, the school had a stall in the Ballyshannon Christmas Fair and Mrs.Conlon wanted to sell the Elf Doors so I went inTo help. I place the doors in to the bags with the cotton wool and presented them on the table. I place the clothes lines in a line on the table. I was there for 5 hours and I really enjoyed the kids coming up and asking what there Elf name. (The elf name went on front of the door see picture below) I sold 7 doors in total that day.

For the next week in school leading up to the market,I made a posters for the Elf Door stall, I got more trees made, I punch hold more notes, I helped Mrs. Gallagher with the primary schools, I organised Santa’s chair for Mrs.Gallagher, and I made a Christmas playlist. Mrs. Conlon and I came up with prices the door was €5 and you could get the clothes line and the tree for €8.

The day before the fair Thursday the 8th, everyone was busy finishing of there products. After break we were all up setting up the hall, we had the set up our stalls, I got two table cloths from Mrs.Darby and I placed them on the table, Mr Reilly brought in a piece of skirting board and I used that to display the doors, I made snow and I place that around the washing lines and doors and  I place fairy lights on the front of table. I laiyed the rest of the doors, clothes lines and trees behind the skirting board and I place the Elf name generator and the Elf Doors story on a stand in front of the stall. For the rest of Thursday everyone was flat out preparing for the fair, my dad brought in Santa’s chair, Mrs Gallagher and her husband decorated Santas corner, Mr McGlnn decorated the stage, Megan and Ana painted the windows there was plenty of other people really busy.img_1820


The day finally arrived I was up in the Hall at 9 I finished setting up the stall, 10 o’clock arrived very quickly Stephen counted down for 10 and shouted “Opened”! Santa then got a warm welcome he was followed by his Elfs. The first half hour I got a lot of orders from the teachers. Scoil Catherine were the first primary school in , then Kinlough, and Kilbarron and the Gaelscoil came at 12.30. Ms McKee and Barry were the judges they went around to each stall asking questions and looking at the display. There was three junior highly recommend stalls and a junior winner for best display and a winner for best product. There was also three senior highly recommend stalls and one best display and one best product. Elf doors got highly recommend! The whole school were up at different stages of the day. Lunch time was very busy as there were a lot of students up. Throughout the day students from different year groups were singing Christmas songs up on the stage. At the far end of the Mercy Hall there was sponge throwing at teachers, this went down very well as the students loved getting there own back on the teachers. After lunch from about 2-4, I personally thought was the busiest time/ By the end of the day I had sold 20 doors and  21 washing lines and I also had 9 orders for the following week.

The Christmas market was a great success and I really enjoyed taking part, as I  learnt a lot from this experience that I will never forget.

Products made by other TYs


Christmas Fair 2016



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