Christmas Bake Sale 

As one of our fundraisers for the special needs unit, we decided to have a Christmas Bake sale in the staff room on Tuesday the 20th of December . The 6 of us decided on somethings to make:                           I made rocky-road, scones and blueberry muffins,                               Kelly made banana bread, brownies and mince pies,                                                       Andrea made lemon drizzle cake, Christmas cup cakes and she also brought in cookies wrapped in clear wrap with a ribbon,                       Ríonach made rice crispy buns and white chocolate balls                           Katie was sick the last few weeks so she was in able to make anything and Pa was away. We all went into the staff room around 10:15 which gave us a half an hour to set up. I did up a price list and so did Kelly, we hung up some posters as well.We had a bit of an incident as I dropped some of Ríonach white chocolate balls on the ground but I picked them all up and I placed them in the bin. When the bell went at break all the teachers started rolling in, it was a quiet at first and then the next we had nearly everything sold, we still had stuff left so Kelly and Andrea went around with some on the stuff to the students and before we knew if we had everything sold. Kelly counted up the money and we raised €215. 


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